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TalentApp provides a premium cloud-based software solution to medium and large size Staffing Firms in the U.S.  TalentApp is a comprehensive staffing firm “ecosystem” designed specifically for companies striving to reach and maintain the lead position in their market today and tomorrow.  Founded in 1985, and continually reinvented since, we provide our clients and their teams with a unique blend of “old school” industry expertise and “next level” technology.

In our opinion premium-staffing software is not one size fits all. Instead, premium software is designed and built to meet the specific needs of a select few and that’s what we’ve done at TalentApp.  If your firm is mid-sized or larger, and is providing a significant volume of temporary and contract staffing, TalentApp may be for you.  We have an in depth knowledge of the software requirements for these types of firms and have customized TalentApp to meet those needs.



TalentApp’s reporting function is designed to help staffing firms become more productive, more efficient and more profitable.  Reports are grouped in three distinct sections for Activity & Production, Payroll Processing and Administration. Reports are formatted to allow easy printing and/or exporting. Access to each report is provided by your TalentApp Administrator. (Read more..)

Project Planner

This unique feature saves time and helps you to close more deals. Processing a list of 100 candidates to fill a hot job order is fast and organized.  Marketing a top candidate to 55 specific companies is more efficient. Create and share projects with others. Collaborate. Sort. Document. Prioritize. Edit. Connect. It’s all included in your Project Planner.

Cloud Based

TalentApp is a cloud based software solution.  You’re able to access your data on any modern device.  Each of our clients’ databases is maintained separately and securely through our partnership with Amazon Web Services.  Benefits include 99.99% up time, unparalleled data security and daily data backups.

Activity Tracking

TalentApp makes it easy to document calls, notes, client visits, interviews, reminders and emails.  Our unique connection recommendation feature prompts you to save each activity to the appropriate person, company, job order or sendout record.  Save it in all four if you’d like with just one click.  It’s automatic and it’s fast.


TalentApp provides a real time sync with your existing email provider. The email features are truly unique. We have built an actual email client right in TalentApp so you can manage all your emails without switching screens. Email correspondence is automatically documented and attachments are easily managed.  Create and share templates too! (Read more..)

Detailed Record Views

TalentApp’s profile screens for People, Company, Job Order and Sendout records are packed with useful info and easy to read. One glance at these details provides users with the overall “state of affairs” of that particular record including things like sendout to placement ratio for candidates and the number of open job orders at a company. (Read more..)

Powerful Search Engine

The search function in TalentApp is powerful and fast.  Virtually every field and document in your database can be searched.  Create searches with multiple parameters.  Save searches.  Share them with teammates.  Send search results to a Project or use them to create a marketing/recruiting e-mailer.  Easy to learn and easy to use! (Read more..)

Custom Fields

Customize TalentApp to fit your individual business.  As a sizeable firm you’re already accustomed to your own status codes, keywords, categories, industry codes and business units. Bring them all with you to TalentApp along with your own unique payroll, administrative and VMS costs for accurate gross margin reporting.  If that’s not enough, you can also add up to 150 custom fields.

Website Sync

TalentApp connects directly to your website.  Once in sync you are able to receive resumes, profiles and applications submitted at your website directly into TalentApp.  And, if you post job openings on your site, that entire function can be managed automatically from within TalentApp saving you time and keeping your site fresh and updated.


Premium Service

Per User / Month
  • Complete Applicant Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Activity Management and Email sync
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Reporting & Project Manager
  • Bulk Emailing
  • 24/7 technical support
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Website Integration

Per Service / Month
  • 1. Unlimited Job Order Sync
    Link the “Job Openings” section of your website to TalentApp
  • 2. Unlimited Profile Sync
    Link the “Submit a Resume” section of your website to TalentApp
  • 3. Unlimited Application Sync
    Link the “Online Application” in your job posting and your website directly to TalentApp.
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Per Month
  • Online Timecards
  • Automated Notification System
  • Payroll Syncs with Active Assignments
  • Payroll History connects to People Records
  • Automatic Gross Margin Calculations
  • Numerous Checks and Balances
  • Streamline the Entire Payroll Process
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