TalentApp’s reporting function is designed to help staffing firms to become more productive, more efficient and more profitable. Reports are grouped in three distinct sections for Activity & Production, Payroll Processing and Administration. Access (or not) to each report is managed by your TalentApp Administrator. A few reports are :

Activity Report – Displays activity for one or more people for a specified period of time (shown below)
Job Order Pipeline Report – Displays all Open Job Orders with detailed sendout information for each.
Job Order Performance Report – Displays the actual percentage of jobs your firm as filled for a specific period of time.
New Start Report – Displays a listing of all new temporary and contract starts for a specific period of time
Payroll Log Report – Provides a complete listing of all working consultants including start date, pay and bill rates, etc

Powerful Search Engine

The search function in TalentApp is powerful and fast.  Virtually every field and document in your database can be searched.  Create searches with multiple parameters.  Save searches.  Share them with teammates.  Send search results to a Project or use them to create a marketing/recruiting e-mailer.  Easy to learn and easy to use!

“Hey TalentApp, I just started a search for an Accounting Manager and need some strong candidates… show me a list of currently employed CPA’s that will consider a position with a starting salary between $95,000 and $125,000.  I only want to see people with a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting that live within 175 miles of zip code 50266.  And, I only want to see people that have the word Management in their primary resume.  Finally, narrow the list and show me only those people with a score of 4 or higher in their personality rating or their intellect rating.  Sort the list by salary requirements lowest to highest.  Go!”


The Email feature in TalentApp is truly unique.  Instead of a “plug-in” common to most applicant tracking systems TalentApp has an actual email client built right in!  Manage your email without leaving TalentApp!  Email correspondence is automatically documented and documents are easily managed.  Create and share templates too!

Real time Sync – TalentApp email easily syncs with most of the email providers in real time
Email Signature – Customize your email signature from within Settings
HTML Editor – Our HTML editor is a full featured text editor
Bulk Email – Send multiple e-mailers to clients and candidates directly from TalentApp

Detailed Record Views

TalentApp’s profile screens for People, Company, Job Order and Sendout records are packed with useful info. One glance at these details provides you with the overall “state of affairs” of that particular record. Check out the top portion of a sample company screen below. Once familiar with this screen you are immediately aware we have 2 open job orders, 5 active sendouts and 7 consultants working at this company right now. You are also provided with “one click” access to their website, social media pages and detailed listings of all prior activities, job orders, sendouts and placements.