Premium Service - $85/User/Month

Complete Ecosystem

TalentApp is a comprehensive staffing firm ecosystem that provides users with a complete ATS & CRM, job order pipeline management, robust reporting and much more.  After 30 years building software for recruiting and staffing firms we understand what you need to increase efficiency and profitability.  Your firm is unique and we’ll provide the tools necessary to make TalentApp a custom fit for your individual company.  This customization and specific settings are all included in the $85 per user monthly fee.

Aside from website sync and payroll all other features in TalentApp are included with our premium service.  TalentApp’s support center includes continuous access to all online training resources for users and Administrators.  Our support team is readily available to answer your questions via phone or email and these support services are included in this flat monthly fee.

Data Conversion

We’ve had significant experience converting data from other software platforms. Our approach is detailed, organized and thorough. We’ll guide you through our step-by-step process to insure a smooth transition to TalentApp. Prior to going live with your new TalentApp system we’ll host several training sessions for your team on a TalentApp prototype, which includes a copy of your data. Over the years we’ve found training to be most effective when we’re working with data that’s familiar to you. At the same time, you’ll verify data was converted accurately. All in all it’s a detailed, thorough, effective process. While each conversion is unique, a 90-day timeframe from start to finish is reasonable to expect.

Prior to conversion we’ll provide you with a fixed written quote for all your onboarding costs. Our quote will be based upon a detailed analysis of a copy of your data and will leave zero questions about costs to convert.

Website Integration - $100/Service/Month

Job Order Sync

Job Order Sync is a connection between the Job Orders in TalentApp and the “Job Openings” section of your website.  This Sync allows you to manage the Job Openings section on your website directly from TalentApp.  Once you’ve created a complete new Job Order in TalentApp that job will automatically be posted within the “Job Openings” section of your website.  Using the “Job Posting” feature inside each Job Order you’re able to customize each web posting further to modify or suppress information that you’d like to keep confidential.  Of course, once the Job Order is closed in TalentApp it will be removed from your site as well.  This feature eliminates duplicate data entry, saves time and automatically keeps your website postings fresh and updated.

Profile Sync

Many Staffing firms encourage candidates visiting their website to complete a brief profile and attach a resume.  Most often, however, that information must be manually entered into the applicant tracking system.  TalentApp’s Profile Sync eliminates the need for this costly and inefficient data entry and replaces it with an efficient way to create new people records or merge data into existing records directly from information your candidates have submitted online.  If your website already includes this “submit your resume” feature we’ll sync with that.  If not, we’ll help you add it and sync it with TalentApp.  We appreciate the importance of building a robust database of strong candidates and Profile Sync helps you to accomplish that easily and cost effectively!

Application Sync

Application Sync is a feature best suited for high volume firms who prefer that their candidates complete a detailed online application.  This link between TalentApp and the “Submit an Application” section of your website allows you to create extremely detailed people records in TalentApp.  While similar to Profile Sync the online Application Sync will capture significantly more information than is normally included on a resume.  TalentApp’s Online Application captures salary history and salary expectations, reasons for leaving, reference information and much, much more.  All information is easily uploaded into TalentApp to create new people records or to merge into and update records that are already in your database.  This feature provides a significant time and cost savings for high volume firms!

Initial Fee for Website Integration Services
Of course, each website is unique and therefore the effort required to sync to your own website is also unique. The initial step to implementing any of these website integration services is a detailed review of your website including a meeting between our development team and your own website administrator. Once that research is complete, we’ll provide you with a written and detailed quote for our one time up front costs.

Payroll - $595/Month

TalentApp’s Payroll Module is fully integrated and automated. It’s been designed and built from the ground up to make weekly timecard processing easy and accurate. Temporary employees and 1099 contractors submit their hours worked each week via a portal provided on your company website. Once logged in with their credentials, employees/contractors are provided with details of their current assignment and provided user-friendly screens to submit their hours. TalentApp confirms receipt of their hours and immediately generates an email notification to the appropriate client manager (designated in the Job Order) requesting approval. TalentApp continually monitors for missing time records and approvals and periodically emails follow up notifications until all required time cards and manager approvals are collected. Throughout the week the Payroll Scorecard provides you with real time statistics for Active Assignments, Time Records Collected, Time Records Missing, Time Records Approved & Time Records awaiting approval. TalentApp generates reminder notifications automatically so you don’t have to. Simply allow TalentApp to work toward 100% collection of time records and approvals! Authorized users may access the current payroll at any time to view a “real time” snapshot of the status of your weekly payroll. In the end, TalentApp has automated the weekly collection of hours and approvals saving your team valuable time!

Once all timecards have been received and approved, you conduct a final review of hours and then “publish” the weekly payroll. This is a powerful step in your payroll process because it transmits final payroll information throughout the system. Employee records are updated and your weekly division gross margin calculations are completed. Imagine the significant amounts of time saved with this automated payroll system!

The cost for this module is $595 per month. This is a fixed monthly fee regardless of the number of temporary employees and contractors. In addition to this monthly fee there is a one time set up fee. This fee is determined on an individual client basis and provides for the effort necessary to connect TalentApp’s online timecard portal to your company website.