Our Story

f_palmer5_0018In 1985 Bob P. founded an applicant tracking Software Company named Fleetware. Bob started Fleetware after several years in programming and recruiting in an effort to help recruiting firms more effectively track information. At that time, most firms managed things manually. Remember, this was pre Internet! Bob and his team sold their Applicant Tracking System to independently owned Recruiting firms and the company grew nicely.

Luke H. purchased the company from Bob in 2005. Luke was an entrepreneur and owned several other businesses in addition to Fleetware. Luke and his team maintained a steady group of clients for several years. In 2009 the U.S. experienced a significant economic slowdown and Luke endeavored to sell his various businesses, including Fleetware…

In 1998, after 10 years with Robert Half International, I created an employment firm named Palmer Group. That company grew rapidly and became one of Fleetware’s largest customers. That growth, and the need for enhanced features, led me to inquire about future development plans. It was during that inquiry in the early part of 2010 that I learned of Luke’s intent to sell the company. I considered many alternatives and viewed demonstrations from several popular applicant-tracking systems on the market. In the end, I was “underwhelmed” and decided to purchase Fleetware later that year.

Soon thereafter the decision was made to phase out Fleetware and create a completely new product named TalentApp. This was a significant, multi year project because we created a comprehensive cloud based product from the ground up . The first version of TalentApp was released in January of 2013 and Palmer Group (50 users at that time) was the first client to go live onto this new platform. Soon after the successful conversion of Palmer Group we began converting other Fleetware users to this new platform. The sunset for Fleetware was June 30, 2015 and the company name was changed to TalentApp at that time to reflect our new product and our new direction.

I sold Palmer Group in June of 2016 and they continue to be one of our valued clients. Our mission is simple. Provide mid-sized and larger temporary and contract staffing firms with the premier software solution in our industry. We have a rich and colorful 30-year history dating back to 1985. We’re proud of that history and thankful to our loyal clients. Most exciting, however, is that we’re just getting started! Thanks for your interest in our story and I’m hopeful our paths cross soon…


Austin Palmer